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Can a Circular Saw Cut Metal?

Posted by Linda Jordan on

Can a Circular Saw Cut Metal?

Albeit a great many people just utilize round saws for carpentry, it is significant that there is no restriction to what you can achieve utilizing these saws. Round saws utilize a similar working rule and idea as cleave or miter saws. The solitary significant way that roundabout saws vary from these different saws is that roundabout saws are typically not fixed to any cutting plinth. All things considered, these saws gloat of complete cutting development opportunity that thus permits you to make tenderly bent or freehand straight cuts without any problem.

So can a circular saw be used for cutting metal?

While there is no unequivocal response to this inquiry, it is critical to take note that these saws to highlight serious cutting force and potential. Preferably, a round saw is exceptionally intended for slicing through wood, earthenware tiles, stonework, and sheets, however, all things considered, you can, in any case, utilize it for cutting metal. You should simply guarantee that you utilize the correct sharp edge that is worked to slice through metal.

Dos and don’ts when cutting metal with a circular saw 

The principal thing you need to think about utilizing your roundabout saw for slicing through metal is that there are two kinds of metals; ferrous and non-ferrous. In this manner, the sort of edge you will use for cutting metal with a round saw will rely upon the kind of metal you are working with.

For metals that are non-ferrous like aluminum, metal, copper, or lead, you should utilize carbide-tipped grating edge wheels. These edges are known to include solidness of in excess of multiple times longer contrasted with ordinary steel cutting edges. You need to take note that the plan and pitch of the ideal cutting edge that you will make do with will shift depending on the metal’s thickness.

Safety risks of using a circular saw for cutting metal 

While round saws are extraordinarily ground-breaking and solid, it is significant that these cutting apparatuses are possibly perilous. Whenever misused, they can perpetrate serious and dangerous wounds. At the point when you are utilizing these saws for slicing through metal, there are extra wellbeing estimates you need to take than if you were cutting wood.

First of all, cutting metal with these saws produces metal chips and shards. Accordingly, you need to guarantee that you have the best eye insurance and gloves to evade wounds from these chips. Another security peril that emerges when utilizing the saws on metal is that the sharp edges transmit high warmth that can without much of a stretch cause consumption on fingers or other body parts. Moreover, this warmth can make unreasonable harm to the edge. To keep this from occurring, it is recommendable that you apply an oil before you start the cutting cycle.


Since metal is trickier and complex to cut compared to wood, you must be confident about your stability and that of the device you are using. A slight slip when using this saw can result in catastrophic injuries and damaging cuts. 

Do not wear loose-fitting clothes when using a circular saw as these clothes can get jammed easily in the blade

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