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How Baseball Was Invented? – Baseball and its origin

Posted by Linda Jordan on

The origin of baseball has been a contested topic for a long time now. This has mainly been because a sport is a cross-sport that was invented from a combination of several ancient games. Most bat and ball games have their origins from folk games played in early continental Europe and Britain. Baseball is a sport that has undergone extensive evolution and developments to the state it is in presently. Even in its initial days, baseball and other closely related sports were played using a wood bat and a round ball. In line with this, you can use a wood bat in little league as well as in other leagues.

Origins Of Baseball

Unlike American football and basketball, baseball has since its invention grown into a global sport with the sport being played in all corners of the globe. Most cultures across the world have a sport that involves a ball and stick; with the most popular variation of the sport being cricket. Baseball has its basis in the ancient British game of rounders.  Throughout the 1700s and early 1800s, baseball became a popular sport in the Americas and Britain with players coming together to form baseball clubs.

Alexander Cartwright formulated the first set of baseball rules, principles and regulations in 1845 with most of these rules still in use to this day. There are baseball experts and enthusiasts who put it that Abner Doubleday was the father of baseball but Cartwright was the pioneer of modern day baseball.

The Onset Of Professional Baseball

The history of professional baseball dates back to around 1857 when 16 teams in New York formed the NABBP (National Association of Baseball Players). NABBP is credited for being the first baseball association to establish a baseball championship. Even though the championship was initially meant to be for amateurs, it was later discovered that some of the players were receiving compensation from their clubs.

In 1870, the NABPP split into two groups; one for the professional players (1871-1875) and an amateur league. In 1876, the National League by William Hulbert was formed and replaced the NABBP. A dark phase in the history of baseball was witnessed around 1876 when non-white players were excluded from professional baseball until 1947. Jackie Robinson was the first non-white (Africa-American) MLB player in 1947. Read more on this at

In the initial stages of professional baseball, most leagues were struggling and players were receiving very little or no compensation for their services. The first modern series in MLB took place in 1903. In the competition, Pittsburgh Pirates (National league) lost to The Boston Americans ( American League).

20th Century Baseball

Baseball would evolve continuously in the 20th century with great changes and developments arising. It was during this century that the sport became official America’s pastime. The sport’s popularity spread across the globe with the sport having a great influence on popular culture all over the world. In the present times, you can recommend where to buy a catcher’s gear set online.

Modern day baseball

Since its invention and consequent growth and development, baseball has over the years undergone numerous changes to the state it is in presently. In modern baseball, clubs, teams and leagues have become major financial outfits. Top players in the sport are some of the highly paid sportspeople in the world. It is the most competitive sport across North America and draws millions of fans every year from all over the world.

What is more amazing about present-day baseball is that it is now played at different levels including amateur levels, high school, college and even as a family sport at home. Manufacturers of baseball equipment and gears have also grown tremendously in the last decade. There has been the onset of high-end equipment and gear that is designed to last. Additionally, players are now able to prioritize on their safety through gear such as catchers’ gear, helmets with faceguard, knee and elbow guards and chest protection.

There are numerous growing trends in baseball especially on how baseball teams and clubs are managed and run. Players are now able to break records set previously by other professional players through achievements of personal best playing skills. Refer to Baseball Eagle for more details on the state of baseball in present times.


Want to Sharpen Your Kitchen Knives? Do These Things First

Posted by Linda Jordan on

Sharpening your high-quality chef knives is not always a simple DIY task for everyone.

This is because while it is seemingly easy to sharpen your kitchen blade by yourself, it requires special skills so that you can sharpen the blade evenly.

It is important to note that knife sharpening can be a complex task especially considering the type and design of blade you are sharpening.

For example, a decent quality knife for paring tasks should be sharpened differently to a Chinese cleaver that you use to chop meat.

Additionally, it may prove to be uneconomically viable to invest in a high-end sharpening machine for home use.

As such, it is recommendable to have your cutters sharpened professionally by a pro blade sharpening service provider.

Here are a few things to note about where to sharpen your kitchen blade:


Where is the knife sharpening service provider located?

These professionals are spread all over a locality and are hence easy to contact through telephone or visit a sharpening shop.

Want to get your old but still good carving knife sharp again?

Then you can use the internet or offline search options like yellow pages to find the best professional cutter sharpening service in your locality.

The best thing about using the internet to search for these professionals is that you can also read reviews and feedback left by previous users to determine the quality of services offered by a service provider of choice.

You can also ask for referrals and recommendations from family and friends on the best service provider to use.


As much as most people may consider professional blade sharpening to seem like it is a luxury, it should not cost you more than a few dollars.

On average, these services cost less than $7 but this is subject to the pricing policy of the service provider as well as the degree of bluntness in the blade.

Most service providers base their charges on the size of the blade.

That means a bigger and longer bread knife will cost you most to sharpen against shorter and serrated steak knives.

However, regardless of the pricing option used by the service provider of choice, sharpening services should be affordable.

Sharpening your kitchen knife by yourself

The most fascinating aspect of knife sharpening is that it is a skill you can learn easily by yourself.

All that is necessary is ensuring that you purchase the best sharpening tool.

For instance, you can settle for a sharpening stone, filing rod or settle for a more versatile option; the electric sharpening.

Using a sharpening stone or filing rod is complex compared to the electric sharpener.

This is because filing rods and sharpening rods require you to do the sharpening manually by grinding the blade against these sharpening surfaces in a back and forth motion.

On the other hand, an electric sharpener does virtually everything as it comes with an automated system for sharpening the blade.

While sharpening the knife by yourself at home is seemingly more economical than hiring a professional sharpener, it is recommended that you have your kitchen cutter sharpened professionally.

This saves you the trouble of damaging the blade especially if you are not experienced in knife sharpening.

In addition to this, professional knife sharpening ensures that the blade is sharpened evenly for smooth cutting and chopping particularly for hard ingredients.

After the knife is sharpened, it is crucial to exercise extreme caution so that you do not end up cutting your fingers or causing other bodily injuries with the blade.

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