What Is The Right Type Of Backpack For You?


Everyone who is interested in backpack knows that backpack is not the same, it’s not a “one-size-fits-all” item. Just like the majority of stuffs that you’re going to buy for you in your life, backpack comes in different shapes, sizes, designs and functions. That’s why I’ve always told my reader that: pay close attention when you choose your backpack.

Think about backpack like a piece of clothing that you’re going to wear later, you don’t want to dress up too much and you don’t want to dress too casually either. For example, college student obviously should look for the best backpack for college because it’s suitable for them. Unlike student, businessman can’t do that, they have to find the best backpack for work that is suitable for their formal working environment.

Seems really easy, doesn’t it? But it’s not that easy for many people. That’s why I want to show you guys how you can recognize the differences between casual backpack and backpack for work.


The first thing that you can see really easily is the designs/colors of the backpack. Casual backpack usually has eye-catching colorful designs. On the other hand, backpack for work usually comes in black and has a slim design. The reason for that is: business doesn’t need any pattern on their backpack, they just need something that can help them carry things around while looking professional.


Even though this is not a big deal at all but you can still see the difference at a glance with this small detail. Student backpack is usually cheaper than work backpack. The reason for that is student doesn’t have that much money to invest in a expensive backpack. But people with a job can do that, and they don’t just want something that can carry stuff, they want something that can protect their stuff as well. That’s why you can see that a lot of business backpacks are made from water-resistant material and has a padding bottom.

I hope that you guys have learnt something new today. If the stuff above is still too complicated then you can never go wrong with picking up the best backpack for laptop because it’s literally the best of both world!