Brands That Have Good Laptop Backpacks

Just do a simple search on the Internet about laptop backpack and million results will appear on your screen. You will find some eCommerce sites that sell laptop backpacks or you will find some general information sites about how to choose the right laptop backpack for you.

Even though you don’t even have to worry about finding laptop backpacks on the Internet or even in your local stores but I’m sure that finding a good laptop backpack is one hell of a hard work.

As you can see, you will find tons of information on the Internet just by a simple search, but after all those information, can you choose a good one for you?

I’ve seen many people struggled with this important step which is choosing the right backpack from a GOOD brand. So I want to write this small post today about some good brands with good laptop backpacks so you can choose the best one for you.

best swissgear high sierra laptop backpack

1.High Sierra.

High Sierra is most famous for their outdoor gears, and backpack is one of them. The best High Sierra laptop backpack is one of the most versatile items that you can have in your life. It’s really durable and multi-functional. Their backpacks are often designed with cool looking designs that are suitable for many occasions. They’re great if you want to bring them with you on your hiking trip. Or even if you’re a businessman who has to travel a lot, they’re still a good choice as well.


Durability and versatility have always been the unique features of Swiss-made products. And the best Swissgear laptop backpack is definitely one of them. Made from the best material in the world, Swissgear backpack is one of the most durable backpacks in the industry. I’m sure that when you decide to buy a backpack from Swissgear, you won’t be sorry.

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Fit Is King When It Comes To Choosing Laptop Backpack

In my previous post, I’ve talked about the importance of a good laptop backpack and why you should get one yourself. But after that,I thought: “Maybe that wasn’t enough for the reader at all. They still don’t know how to choose the right one even if they want to”. To be honest, I used to have a lot of troubles with choosing the right laptop backpack in the past as well, but after a few good years of my life, I’ve finally learnt about all the things that I need about choosing a good backpack.

And that’s the reason why I’m writing this post today. I don’t want you guys to suffer from the same thing as I was. So I hope you guys enjoy it and good luck with everything.

best ogio targus laptop backpack

As you guys might already know from the tittle, fit is definitely king when it comes to choosing a laptop backpack with the right size. Why? Because buying a backpack with a wrong size is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make in your life.

Just think about it for a moment, if you’re already married and you have a wonderful son. Now he’s going to school and you want to buy him a new backpack. Now, are you going to buy him a large hiking backpack for adult? Of course not because they are just not fit. The same goes for adult, you just can’t carry a random backpack for children with you after all.

In this case, a right size laptop backpack is even more important. Because a laptop backpack with the right size can carry and protect your previous laptop without any trouble. You don’t want to carry your 15″ laptop in a backpack for 17″ laptop because your 15″ laptop is going to break really soon.

Some backpack brands like Ogio laptop backpack or Targus laptop backpack have a lot of different backpacks with different size so if you don’t know what to look for you can take a look at them.

Get The Newest Laptop Backpack For You Before It’s Too Late

No one can deny the importance of a good laptop backpack in every laptop user life. Why? Probably because laptop is the most previous and valuable item in the life of an avid laptop user.

Laptop is where they store valuable information, is where they keep their precious memories, is where they can entertain themselves with every apps inside. And most importantly, it’s where they spend most of their time, it’s like their natural habitat. And no one wants to destroy their “natural habitat” right?

That’s the reason why grabbing a good laptop backpack is the most important task that every laptop user has to do after they bought their laptop. If you got a free laptop backpack from the manufacturer when you buy your laptop then congrats, you’re really lucky because the backpack is a perfect fit for your laptop.

But the rest is not that lucky though, they have to look for the best laptop backpack that could fit and protect their laptops which is a really difficult task. There are countless of laptop backpacks on the market, they come in different sizes, colors, designs and prices.

best business student laptop backpack

So how can we choose the right one for our laptops? Firstly, you have to identify your very needs. Are you still a student? Then you should choose the best backpack that is designed for student. Are you a regular business traveler? Then there is definitely the right business backpack for you out there on the market.

After that, you have to take a closer look into each backpack: “Does it fit your 15 inches laptop? Does it fit your body type? Is it suitable for your job?” And last but not least, you have to ask yourself: “Do I like it?”. Choose the one that you like the most or else you’re going to regret it.

More information:

Laptop backpack:

Student backpack:

Business backpack:

Grab Yourself A Great Backpack Before It’s Too Late!

Ok, let’s get this clear: it’s not the end of the world and the backpack making industry is not going to collapse tomorrow either. But why did I give you that advice? Well, the reason is really really simple. It’s because this is the time of the year that backpack is on sale. And don’t think that only the worst ones are on sale because they are all high quality backpacks from some of the most renowed brands in the world.

But how can a backpack help you in your daily life? Firstly, if you’re a student then backpack is kind of a must-have item in your list. I rarely see any student who is going to school without a backpack on their back. Why? If you only have to bring a few books and notebooks with you then a simple bag is more than enough. But unfortunately, students these days have to bring more than that, and a simple bag is not a suitable option anymore.

business student laptop backpack

On the other side, a good backpack can help you carry your stuffs inside without any problem. You can still carry your fully-packed backpack on your back for a long time without hurting your back and your shoulder.

What about businessman? Do they need a proper backpack as well? Absolutely. In this time and date, briefcase is no longer a viable option for business travelers because they have so much things to bring with. And a briefcase only does it best when you only have to bring some paperwork with you. But what about your laptop? What about your electronic devices? And even your clothes? That’s when a backpack comes in and does its job.

So what do you waiting for? Go grab yourself one when it’s still cheap!

Laptop backpack:

Student backpack:

Business backpack:

Backpack is something that you definitely need in your life.

It’s doesn’t matter how old you are or what is your profession, chances are you really need something to carry your belongings at some points in your life. And I mean it. Just think about it: if you’re a student then you definitely need a backpack to carry your stuffs with you to school, if you’re a businessman then you might consider buying a backpack so you can get through the security line faster and even you’re a retired person then you should have a backpack to take care of your stuffs during your trip.

What I’m trying to say is: a backpack is an important item that everyone should have one for themselves, maybe 2 or 3 if you like it. And do you know what is the thing that I like most about owning a backpack? A high quality backpack doesn’t cost you an arm or a leg to buy. And it’s definitely one of the best long-term investments that anyone can make. The first backpack that I bought a few years ago when I was a high school student lasted for 7 years. 7 years! And it costed me around 50$ at that time. So what are you waiting for. Go grab for yourself a high quality backpack to make your life easier.


But be careful, there are a lot of fake backpacks on the market as well. So you better make sure that you’re going to buy your next backpack from some big retailers on the market like: eBags, Amazon, etc. And read some reviews up there as well, they should give you a better idea on how a particular backpack performs in real life.

More information about laptop backpacks:

More information about student backpacks:

More information about business backpacks:

If You’re A Business Professional Then Read This!

Hi everyone, Dan’s here. How are you feeling today? I hope you all have a good day. And today I’m back with another article of mine. I hope that you can find some valuable information here.

So in my last 3 articles, I talked about 6 popular backpack brands that you should pay attention to if you’re thinking about buying yourself a new backpack. And this time, I want to talk about laptop backpacks that are specifically designed for business travelers. So if you’re a regular business traveler or you’re going to have your first ever business trip in the nearest future then this is the backpack brand that you definitely have to pay attention to.

As a business professional, you have to carry a lot of stuffs with you every time you have a business trip. For example, you must bring with you at least these things: your laptop, important documents, paperwork, your essential items that you need in your daily life, your clothes, etc. And if you think about it, it’s quite a lot of items that you have to bring. So a briefcase is obviously not enough in this scenario. And sometimes, a suitcase is just too bulky to carry around. You just want something that is RIGHT for you that help you carry your stuffs with ease. And the BEST LAPTOP BACKPACK on the market can definitely do that for you.

best victorinox business laptop backpacks

But a lot of laptop backpacks on the market are designed for student which is not THE BEST BACKPACK for business if you think about that. But Victorinox is different. Victorinox laptop backpacks are designed with simple yet elegant designs which is the perfect option for businessman. You can pretty much carry a Victorinox backpack with you anytime anywhere. Besides that, Victorinox backpack has big enough capacity for your belongings as well. And the best thing about it is that: Victorinox even offers you some rolling backpacks which can be rolled on the floor if you don’t want to carry it with your back.

Two Another Laptop Backpack Brands Are Here!

Hi guys,

It’s been a while, isn’t it? I want to say sorry because I haven’t been active much these days. I have a lot of things to worry about in my life and some of them are quite complicated so I hope you guys understand.

But the good news is: everything is settled down for now. That’s the reason why I have to time to sit down and write this article for you guys. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and I believe that this article will help you as much as the last two articles do. So just sit back, relax and enjoy.

So you guys must have read about my last two articles and know more about four best backpack brands on the market. And today I want to bring you two more. When it comes to backpacks, those two brands are definitely THE BEST laptop backpack brand that everybody should pay attention to.

1. Ogio.

If you’re paying attention to the backpack making industry and many different sports then chances are you’ve heard about Ogio before. It doesn’t matter if you’re participate in an extreme sport like racing or a quite one like golf, it doesn’t matter if you’re a student or an entrepreneur, Ogio has the backpack that you need! Ogio is famous for their multi-functional and well-designed backpacks that are loved by many people around the globe. So if you’re looking around for a good, durable and functional backpack then Ogio Laptop Backpack is the brand that you’re searching for!

2. Targus.

targus laptop backpack

Targus is no doubt one of the biggest and oldest names in the backpack making industry. With more than 30 years experience in this business, Targus has always been the leading global supplier of backpacks. This brand is famous for their versatile and durable backpacks which can be used in many different occasions. If you’re searching around the market for the right backpack for you, Targus Laptop Backpack is the brand that you should pay attention to!

I’m Back With More Backpack Brands On The Market!

Hey guys, it’s Sunday already. Another week is coming to an end. I hope you all have a great week with your family and friends.

The truth is, I just came back to my home yesterday. Our family spent 2 days at our local beach and it was just great. It’s been a while, maybe 5-6 years, since the last time I went to the beach. I still remember it: the wonderful scenery, the refreshing air and the cooling wind. Everything was great so I’m in a really good mood right now.

And it was even better when I came back home and read a lot of comments from you guys. Well, there were some spams and negative comments as well. But the majority of them are really positive and heart-warming. Thank you guys, I appreciate it very much.

And because the last post of mine about the BEST laptop backpacks brands was so popular and received a lot of feedback from you guys. I decided to write more about laptop backpack brands on the market right now. I hope you can find some useful information here. And I also hope that with the information here you can finally buy yourself the best laptop backpack for years to come.

1. High Sierra.

High Sierra, one of the most renowned names in the outdoor gears making industry, and that includes backpacks. Offering customers with a wide variety of feature-rich and versatile products, High Sierra is no doubt one of the best laptop backpack brands on the market right now. High Sierra laptop backpacks are designed with durable materials and distinct details that can satisfied even the toughest customer out there.

2. The North Face.

The North Face laptop backpack

The North Face is one of the most popular brands out there. Even if you don’t own any The North Face product, chances are you’ve seen their name on many different products that your family or friends owned. The North Face laptop backpacks are top-notch quality and designed to last for a really long time. So you won’t be sorry if you decide to pick them up.

I’m Back With Another Update!

Hey guys, Dan’s here. Even though Monday is not a favorite day of the week for a lot of people (including me) but I still hope that you have a great week.

After my little article last week, I’ve received quite a lot of emails from the reader of my blog. The majority of them really love the information in the website that I gave them. But still there are some people that can’t decide which is the BEST suitable laptop backpack for them. And they asked for my help.

Well, firstly, I’d like to say thank you to all of you. I love to receive and read all the comments on my blog and the emails that you guys send, it means a lot to me. And secondly, in order to help those who are in need, I will write a little article this week about some of the best laptop backpack brands out there. If you’re interested in reading about laptop backpack brand reviews in the future then let me know so I can write more about it, ok? Now, let’s get to it.

1. Swissgear.

Swissgear laptop backpack

Have you ever owned any Swiss-made product before? If you have then chances are it’s one of the highest quality products that you’ve ever owned in your life. I received a Swiss watch on my birthday 5 years ago from my dad. And now, 5 years later, it still works great and I haven’t had any problem with it. Honestly, I’m really impressed by the fact that companies from Switzerland can make such high quality products on a consistent basis.

What about backpack? Well, Swissgear is one of the most well-known backpack brands in the world for a reason. “Top-notch, durable and multi-functional” is what I can say about Swissgear laptop backpack. Swissgear puts a lot of thoughts into creating their products. And that’s why if you buy a Swissgear backpack, don’t be surprised by the quality and the details inside it.

2. Jansport.

Jansport laptop backpack

When it comes to backpack, Jansport has been on top of the chart for a while not. And they are here to stay. With a rich history of working in the backpack making industry, Jansport knows what their customers want and need. “Youthful and long-lasting” is the best features of Jansport laptop backpack. Jansport pays a lot of attention to their younger customers, who always want to change, they want to experience new things. That’s the reason why you can find a lot of different models with a wide variety of colors in Jansport backpacks.

Trust me, if you decide to buy yourself a Jansport backpack, it won’t let you down.

A Must Have Item For Every Laptop Users

Hello everyone,

I’m finally back home after a long backpacking trip to Thailand. And I have to say: it was worth it! Everything was great: I met new people, I made new friends, I ate a lot of foods that I haven’t even heard about them in my life, I learnt many new things there. Honestly, it’s definitely one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life.

Even though I brought my laptop with me on my trip but I rarely used it to upload any picture or stories on it. Maybe I got too caught up on travelling from one place to another. But because I own an online business so my laptop still helped my a lot. Besides that, I used it to stay in touch with my friends and family as well. It’s still a great device for everyone after all.

But if you love travelling and can’t live without your laptop, like me, then you should consider buying a good laptop backpack. Why? You have to travel a lot on your backpacking trip, and if you want to carry your laptop with you without damaging it then a laptop backpack is the safest and easiest choice in this situation.

Laptop backpacks


“Okay Dan, a good backpack is a must have item for us. But what exactly is a “good” backpack? There are a bunch of backpacks out there. How can I choose the right one for me?” you might ask – which is really understandable. Because just like you said, you can literally find thousands of different backpacks on the market. So it can be really hard when it comes to choosing the right one for you. But don’t worry, after using many different backpacks, I have to say: a “good” backpack is a backpack that: fits your laptop, fits your body type, made from durable material and comfortable to carry around. If you don’t understand what I mean then you can check out other customer reviews like the video below for more information:

If you’re still feeling lost then you can certainly visit this website which I find really informative and I guarantee that it can help you:

Even if you’re a student who loves travelling around with your friends or just a normal student who wants to go to school with style, they have a simple guide for you as well:

But if you’re an entrepreneur like me who want to look professional but still can travel around easily with a backpack then check out this simple guide by them and maybe you can choose the right one for your next trip:

That’s what I have for you today. I hope you can find something useful here. Until we meet again, stay safe and good luck!